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This connector will allow you to split the flow of water from one hose to two.  Each arm of the Y has its own cut-off valve that allows you to direct the flow of water.  With a quick-connect on one arm of the Y and a hose running off to the next sprinkler, it is possible to run multiple sprinklers in series--so long as the water pressure is high enough.  Just like an automatic, in-ground system, the sprinklers must be run in "zones" that have enough pressure to work all the sprinklers in the zone.

Y Connector

    • 3/4″ hose splitter w/ separate line manual cut-off valves
  • The hose quick-connector w/ STOP that comes with your sprinkler does not work with this Y-connector unless you remove the white stopper valve inside the quick-connector.  The the FAQ on how to do this.

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