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You can operate 2 or 3 sprinklers at one time with ‘Y’s and extra hoses, depending on your water pressure. To run more than one sprinkler off the same faucet, attach a ‘Y’ to your faucet and run a hose to each sprinkler. To run 2 sprinklers off the same hose line, attach a quick-connect to one branch of the ‘Y’ and a hose to the other branch.

To use a quick-connect with the 'Y', you must remove the white cut-off valve from the quick-connect.  This is done by removing the black rubber O-ring with a pocket knife or small screwdriver.  With the O-ring removed, the white cut-off valve slides right out.

With the white cut-off valve removed, the water flows freely through the 'Y' and into the sprinkler. If the watering distance is shortened by running two units together, you do not have enough water pressure to run them both at the same time.

Hose connector with white cutoff valve in place.          White cutoff valve after removal.

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