Here's your chance to pick up a red nozzled (old model) Quick-Snap Sprinkler for cheap.  These are UGLY!  But they have each been individually tested and they work great.  The full 5-year warranty is still in effect.  They each have a 2 or 2.5 gallon per minute nozzle installed.  These are all red-nozzle models and not the new green nozzle version.


They tend to be dirty and the rubber cap is clearly used because these are customer returns.  The customers didn't have enough water pressure; they couldn't figure out how to make adjustments; or they let the red nozzle fly out and just gave up.  Whatever the reason for the return, most of these units have spent some time in the dirt.  Yes, we cleaned them up, reinstalled nozzles and tested every one of them but they're not shiny new.


They will NOT come with an adjustment key (although some still do have one attached) but you can use an ordinary, narrow flatblade screwdriver to make any adjustments.  They WILL come with an orange cap, instructions and auto-cutoff hose connector.

Ugly Mugly (used) SPRINKLER Sale