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In-ground buried lawn sprinklers without pipes makes lawn watering easy to install and adjust.

Quick-Snap lawn sprinkler and spray are member tested and recommended by the National Gardening Club
All the reasons Quick-Snap lawn sprinklers save time, save money, work simply, conserve water and are portable and easy to install.
What's a Quick-Snap Sprinkler?

What's a Quick-Snap Sprinkler?

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Why are you still moving your lawn sprinklers around the yard?

Looking for a lawn sprinkler system that doesn't require digging up your lawn to install pipes?  Look no more.  Quick-Snaps are in-ground sprinklers that don't require pipes and are very easy to install. This DIY water sprinkler doesn't need professional installation services.


Put the sprinkler in the best spot and leave it there--forever. It will automatically pop up when the water is turned on and disappear underground when you turn it off. It will water the same area you set, year after year. These are easy to install, easy to adjust, and easy to move when you want to. It takes 10 minutes to install, and you're done. This industrial strength sprinkler is guaranteed for five years.


Yes, you must attach a hose to get the water to the sprinkler.  But the hose is not the hassle, the sprinkler is.  Hassles:

- the constant back and forth to the sprinkler to get the water where you want it;

- standing there to watch the sprinkler go through a cycle or two;

- moving the sprinkler to the next spot every 30 minutes to do it all again;

- putting the whole sprinkler set-up away so you can mow. 


With a Quick-Snap DIY water sprinkler system you know where the water is going because you already set the pattern and buried the whole thing in the right spot.  If you want, you can leave the hose attached and hide it, or put a timer on the faucet, or send the kids out to attach the hose.  The hose is not the hassle.  The sprinkler is.  Save time, money and water by leaving it alone.


Quick-Snap in-Ground Sprinkler Installation

A Quick-Snap DIY water sprinkler system takes about 10 minutes to install each sprinkler, which is mostly the digging of the hole.  A hand trowel is best because the hole is only 9 inches deep and 4 inches around.  Your buried sprinkler system can be installed and running in less than an hour.  With quick-connector fittings (provided) there are no threaded connections or hand tightening.  Strong hands NOT required!

Lawns don't move.  

Why move your sprinklers?



Why pay a contractor $2500 to bury a pipe system in your (typical) front yard when 2 Quick-Snap Sprinklers can do the same job for about $100? You don't have to tear up your lawn and wait 6 months for it to grow back. The whole job can be finished in 20 minutes with no mess.


Get a few bids and you'll find that, to water the same area of lawn, Quick-Snap Sprinklers will save you about $1000 for each one you install.

Installing underground sprinklers Amherst, VA

A buried system without the buried pipes!

Installation is easy.  All you need is a garden trowel.


Quick-Snap Sprinklers have an adjustable distance range of 17 feet to approximately 40 feet or 34-80 foot circles! That's up to 5000 square feet of lawn. Actual coverage will depend on your water pressure and settings.


The rotation circle has a range from 40 degrees to 360 degrees. This, too, is fully adjustable to any size pie-shape.


If you have smaller areas to water, check out the Quick-Snap Spray. There are 2 different models. The Sidespray has a rectangular pattern of 4'x30'; The Endspray has a rectangular pattern of 4'x15'. They do not rotate. They put out a fine spray mist. Just like the Sprinkler, you set it and forget it.


Plant it. Set it. Forget it. 

Never move your sprinklers again.

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