In Ground Sprinkler Sprinkler System
Why Use Quick Snap
Waste No More Time
Works Simply
Easy to Install
Save Money
Conserve Water

Do you find yourself constantly moving and readjusting your lawn sprinklers all summer long?

We offer a unique in ground sprinkler solution called Quick-Snap system that will save you time watering your lawn or garden. Once the spray angles are adjusted, you’ll never have to worry about adjusting your sprinklers again.

Our sprinkler heads are actually buried in the ground and consist of a maximum coverage sprinkler head or a sprayer along with our patented SwingSnap Adapter – both guaranteed for 5 years.

Quick In Ground Sprinkler Installation

Quick Snap is also easy to install. You can have an easy to use sprinkler system and running in less than an hour.

The SwingSnap adapter easy snaps in to your hose so there is no hand tightening or threaded connections to mess with.

When you are done watering, the SwingSnap Adapter can also recede down into a small hole, so you can mow right over it.

You can also use your own custom sprinkler head if needed. The swiveling hose connection beside the unit allows up to a 7 high x 4 diameter head.

A watering system at a fraction of the cost

Quick Snap provides an affordable way to water your lawn and offers automatic watering at a fraction of the cost of a conventional sprinkler system using in-ground pipes.

Why spend thousands of dollars when you can achieve the same result for under a hundred dollars?

Our patented sprinkler head sprays up to 40 feet out!

The distance you can expect from Quick-Snap is beween 17 feet to approximately 40 feet or 34-80 foot full circles! Coverage will depend on your water pressure.

The rotation circle can also be set from 40 degrees to 360 degrees.
If you have a smalle lawn we also offer a Quick Snap sprayer with three stationary distance settings for easy watering. Contact us today with any questions about our popular inground system!